Personal Trainer in Birmingham

The number and types of personal trainers in Birmingham is vast. Choosing the right one for you and your fitness goals can be daunting.

Do you want to work with a trainer at a club or gym? Or at home or the park? Do you want to focus on weight training, cross training, endurance or flexibility and balance? Is weight loss a primary goal, or are you working towards cardiac health and a drop in your cholesterol? Do you want a boot camp environment or something kinder and gentler?

Tough questions, right?

Where Do You Want to Meet Your Goal?

If working out with in a crowded gym or club where seemingly everyone is close to their goals is horrifying to you, consider having the trainer come to you. Many Personal trainers in Birmingham are mobile now and will come to your home, your office or meet you at a park or area track. These services cost more, of course, but if you’re committing to improved health, don’t put it off because of price. It will cost you more later and take you longer to undo the additional years of neglecting your body.

Try Before You Buy

Many of the trainers will give you a free consultation or reduced price introductory session so you both get a feel for the routine and how you’ll get along. It is well worth the investment and time to ensure that you’ll be comfortable with the trainer. You will be, after all, spending a considerable amount of time with him or her.

If that session works out, and you’re willing to give it a bit of a commitment, you will likely be signing a contract. Of course, the longer a period you commit to the better the per session price. But beware. If you sign on for a year, but can’t stand it after three months, that “savings” is lost. Try a few small increments to see if this type of training is going to work for you in the long run.

The Spice of Variety

Personal training is far more than someone standing about in workout clothes helping you count your sit ups and making you feel guilty. There are many, many types of training, so you should certainly be able to find something to hold your interest.

A few include: bridal and wedding fitness, pregnancy fitness, post-natal fitness, personal Pilates, personal yoga, kickboxing, marathon training, challenge event training, ski and snowboarding preparation, adapted training for disabled, para-athlete training and personal Tai Chi.


Measuring Success

After you have successfully engaged a trainer and are working well together, don’t forget to measure your progress. As the days add up and you slowly improve by whatever measure you’ve e chosen to use, don’t forget to look back at where you’ve come from. See how much faster you are, or how many more pushups you can do.

We are always straining ahead to the next goal we have to attain. Take some time with your trainer, look at how much you’ve improved and celebrate your achievement.

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